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Monday, January 26, 2009

Starbucks Coffee Giftcard Giveaway

We are fast approaching the one year anniversary of Peter's adoption. I'm wondering how to celebrate the occasion. If you could share your ideas of how you celebrated your child's "Gotcha Day" or how you think we could, you will be eligible to win a $10 Starbucks giftcard!!! Just leave me a comment after this post. Thanks for any ideas you can give us. We want to make this a special day for our special little guy!!!


Mary Ann said...

How fun! I love prizes!
For our girls gotch day we usually treat it like a b/d. We let them choose where they want to eat for dinner and then we either have cake/cupcakes, or a sunday party. We even do presents. This year I made the girls a tutu. I think handmade gifts are even more special. Both my girls loved them!!! We have celebrated 2 Gotcha Days with Sara Ava and 1 with Lilee. Sara Ava chose McDonalds both years in a row. Doesn't take much to please her. We took Lilee to a Mexican resturant to celebrate hers because she loves mexican food!
BTW.... I LOOOOOVE STARBUCKS!!! I can not pass one by. That gift card could get me 3 CHIA TEA LATTE's!! MMMMM!! LOL!
Can't wait to see how you celbrate!!

merkley4 said...

NO Starbucks near us.. so no prize please!! We have a party, the whole family is invited (not typically friends.. they are invited for other occassions) We have Makyla's choice of food for dinner, a cake and ice cream and we talk about how very thankful that we are to have her here. I take Makyla shopping and buy her a special gift (jewelry)a keepsake so to speak. I try to speak spanish to the girls every day, we all talk about Guatemala every day, and we have frequent contact with loved ones in Guatemala, so our forever family day is reserved to celebrate: how thankful we are to be family. The girls are small (2forever family days with Makyla, and Marayna has 9 mo. to go!!) But when they are older, they will probably design and dictate the activities... my only request.. it remains a day to remember how very thankful we are to be TOGETHER!!

Mama Bear said...

We give each of our girls a special little gift from Guatemala from a tote I have saved (one for each of them for each year up to age 18). Then we go out to eat somewhere special and so far it's only been to ChuckieECheese!!!! I'm looking forward to other restaurant choices soon!!!!!

Sig said...

Ooooooh fun!!
We celebrate gitcha day by having a Guatemalan feast! :)