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Monday, November 9, 2009

Back to the 50’s and Guatemalan Custom

Ricky and Greta’s school had a 50’s day this past Friday.  We have gotten lots of use out of the 2 poodle skirts that my mom made for my older girls 10 years ago!  Then later that evening there was a Sock Hop at school.  Unfortunately I didn’t get any pictures at that event!  I stayed home with Ricky who just got strep throat.

Now that’s two of our children with Strep!  Last night Peter complained that he didn’t feel well and he had a slight temp….do you think he might be my 3rd kid with strep??!!

On Saturday, Rich and the kids attended a special celebration for some friends of ours who are from Guatemala.  Apparently, it is a custom there to honor girls as they turn 15 years old with a huge celebration.  It’s kind of like a Coming Out Party or a Sweet 16 celebration!  Our friend Anna explained to me that it is a major festivity almost at the level of a wedding.  She said that some people she has known have spent up to $6000 on the event!  Cindy, the 15 year old, didn’t want as big a celebration as she wanted to instead be able to go back to Guatemala and spend a month with her aunt there.  She will go in December and plans to spend time in a Missions Group helping those in need! 

Cindy arrived with her dad about 1 1/2 hours after the party began…another tradition…wearing a beautiful dress.  Everyone stood as she made her entrance!  Then there was amazing Guatemalan food and music!  It was a fun time for my family…the only non-hispanic people there!  Peter fit right in and met a sweet little friend too!

Does another know about this Guatemalan tradition and what it is called???  I am curious!

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Melinda said...

The poodle skirt is adorable!! I bet the sock hop was so much fun :-) How neat for your family to have friends from Guatemala. I think the celebration you're referring to is called a Quinceañera. I've heard they can be quite elaborate. I'd love to go to one myself!!

Leah Maya Benjamin said...

They are right they are huge parties, rent out the ame places they have weedings, the dress is like a wedding dress, while living in guatemala we saw alot of places being set up for one and all the people. 1st communion was a pretty crazy fancy affair as well.

Emily said...

How fun! Loving the poodle skirt! What a fun thing to celebrate!

Shelley said...

Oh I love that poodle skirt!! I wonder if I could somehow manage timewias and skill wise to run upa Christmas poodle one?? Glad you had such a good time.

Gardenia said...

what great activities the school has. Melinda got the event correct. I understand it is a huge party time when a girl turns 15!

Unknown said...

Love that skirt!!

Its called a Quinceañera and my Mexican cousin had one and i was in it..its like a wedding...i dont like the idea of it being like a wedding t hough ...but the party part was cool!!!

Im just getting over a bad sinus infection...let the sickness fun begin!!! get wel soon!

Mama Bear said...

It is a really special celebration. I actually have Barbie dolls celebrating their Quinceanera that I have put away for the girls on that special day. Our's won't be elaborate but rather a celebration! Praying for all good heath in your household.