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Check out my ETSY shop!!!!
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Thursday, November 5, 2009

Sick House!

Greta has complained about a sore throat for a couple days now.  It’s hard to really know when to take her serious as she’s my hypochondriac!  Anyway, yesterday she woke up saying it really hurt and although she didn’t feel hot and acted like her usual perky self, I allowed her to stay home from school.  As the morning went on, she started getting a “tummy ache”.  I figured I should just rule out anything so I scheduled an appointment at the doctor’s office.  Sure enough….STREP THROAT!!!


Thursday is my “day off” each week.  Peter goes to a Mom’s Day Out program and I actually get 4 1/2 hours to MYSELF!!  Except today I guess Greta will be hanging out with me!  Actually, she’s my little sweetie and I am looking forward to just spending some time with her!!!  Maybe we will even sneak in a little Christmas shopping!!! I usually have it all done by Thanksgiving!  Anyone else like getting their shopping done early!!??

Easter sox and toothless 008


Leah Maya Benjamin said...

it is hard to believe them sometimes, I remember a friend of ours had her son vacuming with a thermometer in his mouth when he stayed home to make sure he was relaly sick. I am an early shopper too!

Claremont First Ward said...

I LOVE getting my shopping down early. :)

Mama Bear said...

have most done as well already, thanks to online and ebay shopping, LOL sorry to hear of the strep throat news though, bummer.......