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Friday, November 13, 2009

FFF-“Beautiful Gifts”

This weeks’ theme for FFF is an easy one!  Of course the most beautiful gifts I have ever been blessed to receive were FIVE precious gifts from God!!

There was a time in my life when I battled cancer and was told that I might not be able to have children due to the side effects of some of the very potent chemo drugs I was given.  When you are fighting for your life, your priorities are survival.  Once I won the battle with cancer and met and married my husband, it wasn’t long before I realized that I could still have children! Can you imagine my shock and gratitude?!

Each of my children is a blessing in their own ways.  It was also such an awesome experience for our entire family once we made the decision to adopt.  Our children had all been praying for a little brother and Peter is just the light of our lives…the icing on the cake!

To see more FFF photos, go to Hannah’s blog. Have a wonderful weekend!

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Melinda said...

Great picture!! Children are a special matter now they come to you!

Kim & Dave said...

WHat a great picture!!!

It is so fun to read all about how so amny people have been blessed by God-when they weren't expecting it!

Gardenia said...

Oh I love that picture. what a great idea. and love your testimony too.

Marsha said...

Great post!!! Love the picture, so sweet.

Marsha said...

I got Harrison's costume at Party City. It came with the jumpsuit and the glasses.
Time is flying by and we can hardly wait to hold our baby boy!!!

Leah Maya Benjamin said...

what a great idea using the frame. I think most everyone who has children is so thankful but it gives you a whole new outlook on how lucky when you actually have them and see just how lucky YOU are.

Unknown said...

i love that pic!!! How blessed you are!

Emily said...

Darling picture of your beautiful children!

merkley4 said...

I love it... that photo is priceless!!!!!

Hannah said...

Great picture! I love the frame around cute!

Steph said...

OH! Picture Perfect!!! Beautiful children!

Mama Bear said...

What a truly awesome picture. LOVE it. all the kids look gorgeous.