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Check out my ETSY shop!!!!
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Monday, November 30, 2009

Sneak Peek…

I have been such a bad blogger lately and I apologize to any readers I may still have out there for not updating my blog more often!  Not only have we been really busy, but I also feel like I have little to write about except the day to day doings…and that can get kinda’ boring!


My mom, Hannah and I had a great time shopping on Black Friday.  It’s been a tradition for years that my mom and I go out early that morning but Hannah has also joined us for the past 3 years now!  We have a fun time…it’s a little tricky if I need to get gifts for Hannah but she goes off on her own so I can sneak a few gifts in the cart here and there.  I’m happy to say I am almost DONE with my shopping.


My Christmas cards are ready to go out too!  Here is a sneak peek of what they look like…they really turned out cute although, as usual, Peter would NOT smile for any of the photos!  I love the zebra tan lines on his little chubby feet!!

fall 09

Although I haven’t been posting here as much, I do still read all your blogs!  Have a great Monday!!!


Melinda said...

I'm still here!! Glad you're all doing well! Can't wait to see your Christmas pics...I REALLY need to do ours :-)

Leah Maya Benjamin said...

I already LOVE it, I love the summer look with the bare feet. I am in the same boat as you, just the day to day things, which are wonderful but might be a bit boring to post about.

Unknown said...

omg i swear next year im getting pro christmas pics done again...i had a heck of a time w/ my 4 this year and the dog!! LOL ohh well they had me laughing!!


Terri said...

I can tell they are going to be great pictures already!!!

Gardenia said...

I posted this on last week's post, so here it si again :

I love the tinker bell socks. would you make a pair in the same size as the last time. i think it was size 5 - 8 -- the stretchy white socks are great. also love the peppermint ribbon ones i saw on your etsy shop. so those too please, in the stretchy white sock same size. they will be great stocking stuffers for Flower. I'll send you a check. thanks,

Also I love that photo. I bet it looks beautiful!