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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Backyard Visitor

We returned home from a weekend at our lake home on Sunday afternoon.  As I neared the patio door leading to our deck and back yard, I saw this…

fall 09 079

This guy was huge!!  I have seen deer in our yard throughout the years that we have lived here but have never seen a buck, especially one this big!  There is a pond right behind that cluster of trees so he finally got up and headed for the water.

fall 09 081

fall 09 082

fall 09 083

Our kids love seeing nature up close like this! 


Gardenia said...

beautiful. and so large. i'm surprised he stayed long enough for you to capture it with photos.

Leah Maya Benjamin said...

I dont' knwo about where you live but ours are coming into rut, so their little hormone brains make them not think too much. Cool picture, I love to have the bucks around for them to shed their horns in the winter, but rubbing my little tree's does not make me happy.

Leah Spring said...

Oh he's beautiful! He might have been scared up out of the park, as it's closed this week for hunting. There are several hunters in there and the deer are on the move! We had two sparring in our driveway a year ago. Right in front of Dean's car!

Marsha said...

We have see several on our property too! The kids love watching them as well. Great photos!!!!

Kristin said...

My daughter just asked "Is that from the zoo?" I told her no, it was in someone's backyard. She said "can I have a baby goat?"

Emily said...

That is awesome! We don't get deer near our home... but just up the road a bit by my in-laws home, we see them often! So beautiful!

Shelley said...

Wow - we don't see that down under! Beautiful.

Mama Bear said...

Wowser girl, he is huge and how beautiful. What a wonderful site for your family to see.