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Monday, December 7, 2009

Breakfast with Snoopy

Each year, our church’s Children’s Ministry puts on a production at Christmas time.  This year the play is a Charlie Brown Christmas, with an obvious christian theme to it!  This weekend we had breakfast with Snoopy.  The kids got photos with him and got to decorate picture frames, make Snoopy’s dog bone ornaments, do a few other crafts and activities and enjoy some awesome Southern cooking. 

Greta will be playing the part of Frieda in the play…remember her…the one with “naturally curly hair”??!!  I never knew that was her name…did you? Obviously Greta has naturally straight hair so we will have a little work to get that look down!  Peter and Ricky will be in the Children’s Choir!

winter 09-10 053


winter 09-10 055


Gardenia said...

darling pics. wasn't Freida the red headed curly haired girl? oh I love that play.

Unknown said...

OMG my fave!!!!!! Snoopy rocks!

Emily said...

How fun! Snoopy fans around here!

Terri said...

So cute! We all love Snoopy too!

Mama Bear said...

ahhh, that is so special!!!!!