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Friday, December 11, 2009

FFF-Holiday Baking

My kids favorite kind of cookies to make and decorate(and eat) at Christmas time are gingerbread cookies.  On Wednesday morning we woke up to sub-zero wind-chills and up to 12” of blowing and drifting snow.  School was cancelled!!!!!  We decided it was the perfect day to do some baking. 

Miss Greta is such a wonderful helper.  She loved every step of this process and was so excited to help with everything!

winter 09-10 075

Taylor and Greta rolled the dough and cut out all the cookies! 

winter 09-10 085

Look at all the great cookies they cut out and baked!

winter 09-10 086

Then all 5 kids helped frost them.  The decorator frosting I use hardens really nice and leaves a beautiful rich shiny color!  Peter really LOVED helping decorate cookies and cried when I told him he was done…he has such a terrible cough and was coughing on his cookies all the time!!  (his, unfortunately, ended up in the trash later!)

winter 09-10 065

winter 09-10 059

winter 09-10 061

winter 09-10 066

The finished products!

winter 09-10 068

winter 09-10 073

And speaking of his terrible cough, we are off to the doctor to rule out pneumonia before the weekend is upon us.  He has a slight fever.  The last time he got a fever and it rapidly spiked, he went into a 30-minute seizure that even the paramedics couldn’t stop…and it turned out he had pneumonia!  I’m not taking any chances today!!!

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Edited:  Peter still has a fever but the doctor thinks the cold and cough are just caused by a virus.  Thanks for your sweet thoughts and comments!

Decorator’s Frosting:

2 egg white

2 1/2 cups powdered sugar

1/4 cup light corn syrup

Assorted food colors

♥♥Beat egg whites until they hold a soft peak.  Add sugar gradually and beat until sugar is dissolved.  Add syrup and beat for one minute.  Use food coloring to get the desired colors.  Keep covered when not in dries out quickly and hardens so nicely on cookies!!!


Tracy said...

Those are great pictures, hope Peter is okay!

Gardenia said...

gosh, i hope little Peter will be ok. Same here,the sicknesses seem to really come on, when it's the weekend, so if I sense something might be brewing I take Flower to the doctor before the weekend gets started. I do like that frosting. maybe you can tell us the name brand. then did you add food col;oring? the wax paper is a good tip. we'll be making cookies here this season too, and I'd love to get that shiny frosting. I sent you a private email re santa on the cathedral.

Anne said...

Those cookies look great! So sorry to hear Peter is sick. I pray that he is okay and doesn't have pneumonia.

Kim & Dave said...

Beautiful cookies!

Praying your little guys gets better quick!

Hannah said...

I am glad Peter is ok. Hopefully the cough leaves and he feels better soon.

Those cookies look great! Thanks for posting the icing recipe...I try a new one every year because I can't find one I like enough. I am going to try this one this year!

Leah Maya Benjamin said...

I hope Peter is on the mend thats so scary after last time. Thank You Thank You for posting that recipe, although I wished I had had it before we made ours, at leat we will have it for next time.

Emily said...

I am so glad you left the icing recipe! While I was reading I was thinking to myself that I needed to comment about wanting it! I do want the gingerbread recipe though! I've never had a good one! Please share!!
Looks like you all had a wonderful day being snowed in! Sure hope Peter feels better soon!

Terri said...

I hope Peter feels better real soon!

The cookies look fabulous and I'm sure they taste it too! What fun you al had making them!

Have a good week!

Steph said...

What a perfect snow day!! The cookies turned out great!

I hope Peter is feeling better very soon!

One Busy Momma said...

Beautiful cookies!!!!
You have such awesome helpers also!!!

Hope Peter's cough is all better by now!!!