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Check out my ETSY shop!!!!
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Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Would you help…..

The Zoromski family is in the process of adopting beautiful Lily from Eastern Europe.  Lily, like my Ricky, is extra special because she was born with “Designer Genes!” 



This family would appreciate any financial help you may be able to give as these adoptions are very costly.  They are holding an online auction right now and you have the opportunity to bid on some great items including baby blankets, tutu’s, pillowcase dresses, jewelry and even some Sox That Rock!! 

Please stop by their blog when you get a chance and check out the awesome items that are available for bidding!  Thank you!


Michelle said...

Thank you!

When I clicked over to your blog, I thought I was seeing spots (I was up pretty late last night) but glad to see it's just snowing on Lily's picture. LOL

Gardenia said...

I'm going to check them out right now. what a little beauty! also, got the sox yesterday. beautiful -- love them all. thanks.

sheila said...

I'll check it out first thing in the morning (I bookmarked your link). I'm so tired I could fall asleep right here, lol.

BTW, I love your header! Very nice!

Muthering Heights said...

What a great idea! :)