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Saturday, December 5, 2009


We visited Santa this week.  Peter was very anxious to meet him! But first he had to talk to Santa’s elf!


winter 09-10 043



winter 09-10 044

Once he got on Santa’s lap he got a little nervous…let me see…what was it I was going to ask you for??!!

winter 09-10 046

Even when his big sister joined him, he still looked a little nervous! 

winter 09-10 049

winter 09-10 051

Now Greta wants to go and visit Santa…sure would have been easier taking them all at once but the timing didn’t work out!  Oh well…I don’t usually complain about yet another trip to a mall!


Melinda said...

I love the look on Peter's face in that last picture!! I don't think a trip to visit Santa is in the cards for us this year. Crista is still scared of him, well of his "wiskers" as she says! Glad your kids are having such a great time!!

Emily said...

I love the nervous look! I'm like you... any excuse to get to the mall is fine with me!

Kristin said...

He's so adorable! Piper still won't go near Santa.

Gardenia said...

Peter looking at Santa like he is not sure, is adorable!

Terri said...

What a great picture of Peter with Santa! I'm with you... another trip to the mall would work for me too!

Unknown said...

that santa looks like he ride a Harley!!! lol

love it!

Kacey said...

That last picture is fabulous! What cuties!

Mama Bear said...

Oh my gosh, the look on Peter's face is truly priceless, blessings, Rhonda