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Sunday, December 20, 2009

My Little Shepherds, Wise Men and Angels!

These pictures were taken recently at different events at our church.  The youth group(high school kids) put on a short play last week and Taylor was a beautiful angel.

winter 09-10 087

winter 09-10 089

Today Greta will be performing in a musical at church.  My sister and her 5 kids as well as my parents are coming to watch her.  Then we will come back to our home for a brunch as we hold our annual birthday bash for Jesus!  It’s so fun for my kids to get together with the cousins they adore!  We also exchange gifts with them so they are all anxious to get some early Christmas presents.  My sister usually spends Christmas Eve and day with her husbands family so we enjoy an early celebration with them each year.

winter 09-10 091

winter 09-10 092

Have a blessed Sunday!  As we approach the day of baby Jesus’ birth, may HE fill you with love and peace and joy!!  Blessings….


Terri said...

What a wonderful day you'll have! THe kids all look so cute!

Stockpiling Mom said...

What wonderful blessings! Happy Holiday's!


Gardenia said...

Oh I love the photos of your children dressed up in nativity attire. thanks for sharing. can't wait for when my daughter is old enough for this.

Unknown said...

love this ..sooo very special!

Emily said...

Oh... that is wonderful! Enjoy this week and Happy Holidays!

Mama Bear said...

How beautiful Lynda. What an awesome time and you have just the most amazing gorgeous children. Happy holidays my friend.