Check out my ETSY shop!!!!

Check out my ETSY shop!!!!
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Friday, December 18, 2009

FFF-“Hannah’s Hats” and a Giveaway!

I apologize for not following the theme for FFF this week.  We didn’t really have any Christmas card photo re-takes as I had them done professionally this year.  I’ll post our holiday photo in a few days!

I am proud to introduce the newest little entrepreneur in our family!  My Hannah, age 13, has decided to use some of her talents to start her first business.  Last month she opened her Etsy shop selling adorable fleece hats and has since expanded her line of products offered!

These cute hats are only $4.95!

hannahs hats 154

She also makes the hats for American Girl Dolls for $2.95!

hannahs hats 072

Cell phone and eye glasses fleece covers with rhinestone initials  for $3.50.

hannahs hats 049

And the most adorable baby gifts like these soft noisemaker baby blocks.  Each block makes a different noise.  The set  of 3 is $13.95.

hannahs hats 128

hannahs hats 141

hannahs hats 138

She even sells blankets and quilts!

hannahs hats 107

If you have the time, would you stop by her shop and show her some love by “hearting” it as a favorite shop of yours!?  She works very hard, makes all her own items, takes her own photos, uploads them and lists the items herself on her Esty shop!  (and still finds time to maintain an “A” average in school!) Click HERE.

And speaking of hats, could I just show you the cute hats that I now sell at my Etsy shop?  Tons of new colors are available so ask if you are interested in one not shown.  I carry top-of-the-line hats and add only the nicest quality ribbon and silk flowers!  The infant sizes make awesome shower/baby gifts and I also carry hats for toddlers through teens.

socks-winter 111

Infant hats with one flower on an alligator clip are only $9.50…add matching socks for $3.00 more!!!

socks-winter 116

Most come with matching ruffle socks.

socks-winter 109

 All the bows and flowers are on an alligator clip so you can remove them and wear them in the hair or add to another hat or headband!

socks-winter 123

socks-winter 107

socks-winter 103

socks-winter 122

winter 09-10 097

socks-winter 138

Most come with 2 coordinating bows or flowers AND a pair of socks for only $16.00!!!!

socks-winter 140

socks-winter 142

socks-winter 143

I am adding new socks each week so please check back often.  My prices are some of the lowest ones out there as I have just reduced all of them along with shipping costs!!!

socks-winter 058

socks-winter 081

socks-winter 083

socks-winter 091

socks-winter 094

socks-winter 099

Sorry for the amount of pictures but we are both so excited about the products we have!!!!  Hannah gets so excited when she gets an order!  She takes her business very seriously and really puts love and time into the stuff she sells. If you order from her, you won’t be disappointed!!!

Have a great day and stop by the “other Hannah’s blog” to see more FFF!

Edit:  My friend, Melissa over at Stockpiling Moms is having an awesome giveaway for a Zhu Zhu Pet and Surfboard.  These toys seem to be one of the hot items this Christmas season and I haven’t been able to find one for my Greta.  Now you can have the chance to win one from Melissa by clicking HERE!



Hannah said...

Those are awesome! Love your daughters hats (and love her name too!!)

You guys have SO much talent! I loved all the hats, socks and bows!!

Gardenia said...

you gotta stop this! I can't stay away from you. I will be ordering a hat for sure. Your daughter is a huge talent! how blessed she is to have a mom like you to teach her.

Melinda said...

Once the new baby gets here I may have an order for you. LOVE the big/lil sister socks and the blocks your daughter sells! Lets get through the holidays and then I'll be in touch!!

Leah Maya Benjamin said...

wow you have alot of neat stuff! How awesome that your daughter is such a talented person and is making her own shop as well.

nora said...

Awesome! What talented people you guys are!!!

Amy said...

I just found your blog from Hannah's photo meme. I just placed an order for your socks. So cute!

Kim & Dave said...

What a great little businesswoman you have!

She seems to have inherited her mother's talents!

Chris and Sarah said...

I stopped by this morning but was too excited and didn't have time to really look so I'm back. Oh my goodness you guys make the cutest things! Why can't I be crafty?

I will so go heart her shop and even though I didn't get socks ordered for Christmas I haven't forgot about them =)

Emily said...

What amazing talent you guys have! Darling!

Terri said...

Super cute stuff! What talented girls you have!!!

Rebekah said...

OMG Lynda .... those hats, socks and baby gifts are AMAZING ... wish I had the talent - goodness knows I have the time! Congrats to Hannah ... her items are beautiful! Hope you guys are doing well ... have a Happy Holiday!

Hugs from Prior Lake!
Rebekah & Family