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Saturday, December 26, 2009

Wow! Where did Christmas Go??!!

I pray that you all had a wonderful blessed Christmas!  Ours was nice and peaceful as it should be.  We always spend it with my parents at our home.  We are so blessed to have my parents nearby and willing to spend the holiday with us each year as I have 4 other siblings!

It was nice not to have to drive anywhere except to church on Christmas Eve because we were in the middle of a huge snow storm!  Once the snow finally stopped yesterday, we ALL got out to help shovel and/or snow blow our really LONG driveway!  Unfortunately, the snow was so wet and heavy that the snow blower kept plugging up with ice and snow.  My sweet really level-headed husband kept having to manually remove the snow to get it going again.  The problem was that he didn’t shut the blower off in the meantime.  Well, you can probably imagine what eventually happened…his hand got caught and it ended up somewhat mutilated!  He spend Christmas night in the E.R. and has a broken finger.  He was so lucky that he didn’t lose a finger as he met 2 men at the clinic who had!  This picture was taken last week and he was goofing around with Billy bob fake teeth!

winter 09-10 080

Other than that excitement, we all had a great time opening gifts, eating a great Christmas dinner and playing with toys!

For Peter, his new grocery store was a huge hit!!

winter 09-10 195

Ricky’s best toys seemed to be his “Gassy Gus” game and a Whoopie Cushion!  Do you see a theme here!!?? He has had more fun with these two toys in the last day than you can imagine!

winter 09-10 197

The boys…

winter 09-10 145

The twins…

winter 09-10 151

The gang…

winter 09-10 157

We plan and shop and cook and bake and await Christmas each year only to have it fly by at lightening speed!!!  Did it seem that way to you too?


Gardenia said...

Yes, it seemed that way to us too. glad to hear your hubby's injury wasn't worse than it was. my goodness. I hear snopwblower accidents are so common. I'm going to remind my hubby right now to be careful with the snowblower. that grocery store wouldv;e been a bit hit at our house too. what is it with the play food that is so attractive at that age. Merry Christmas.

Terri said...

Yes, it sure did! So much work (and stress) for me his year and now it's all gone in a blink of an eye!

What great grocery store! Too cute! I'm glad you all had a wonderful Christmas!

Stay warm!

Emily said...

It totally seemed that way to us! Such cute pictures of happy kiddos! Fun toys... Merry Christmas!

One Busy Momma said...

Wow! Glad your dh wasnt hurt any worse!!!! That is horribly dangerous (as I'm more than sure he is aware!)

Love the store!!! Had to laugh at the woopie cushions!! I'm sure there would be many, many laughs at my house with that also!

Glad all of you had a great Christmas!

Mama Bear said...

WOW Lynda, I was sitting here almost afraid to keep reading after you said your husbands hand went in the snowblower. Oh man, saying so many thanks to God that he didn't lose a finger and/or his hand. Your family is beautiful as usual and yes, Christmas flew by!!! So glad you all had a truly blessed holiday.

Stockpiling Mom said...

It flew by here too! Love the grocery store and gassy gus! What a hoot! Peyton has a whoopie cushion and LOVES it! Too funny!

Spudsnsalsa said...

Okay, I'm the one nay sayer of the group! Just catching up with all my blog friends after too many days flat on my back trying not to toss the cookies from vertigo....made for a looooong couple of Christmas days for me personally!
I too had that "do I really want to read on" feeling with the snow blower story...guess it's 'good' to only be broken!
Julia had Gassy Gus on her Santa list...just couldn't bring myself to buy it at first and then couldn't find it on a single shelf once I felt guilty about not getting either of her Santa requests!! What's in Ned's Head was the other request...she's such a tomboy!!